Jelly – One Way for Homeworkers to Get Together in a Creative Space

JellyA key downside to working from home is the isolation it imposes on you. This suits some people very well, but for others it can be all too isolating.

Luckily a couple of New Yorkers found a solution to this problem, and the idea of Jelly was born. Jelly is the name given to a selection of groups that meet up in various cities and locations. The idea started life in New York, USA, but it has since spread to much of the rest of the nation. It has also gone beyond the US and made its way to the UK as well.

The idea is that people who work from home can organise a Jelly to meet up with other like minded people. There are several requirements that should be met in order for a Jelly to be successful – internet, seating and ease of access are three of them.

One of the best things about Jellies is that they can help you meet other home workers who focus on the same subject as you. For example, writers have met up together to work on one single project, or entrepreneurs can get together to brainstorm ideas for a new service or project. You don’t have to meet up with the specific intention of creating something new or working with another person or group of people. But it is one of the benefits of Jellies, and it is easy to see why the idea is a continued success.

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