Jawbone Expanding Wearables Line

Jawbone Expanding Wearables Line

Jawbone, makers of the UP trackers, is planning on adding at least two fitness tracking devices to its line as well. The news, which broke on The Information, means that announcements of wearables from Microsoft and Fitbit will have some competition.

The new devices will be in the UP series and will include the Up MOVE, which attaches to clothing in the $50 price range, is similar to the Fitbit Zip. The UP3 is a higher-end model in the $180 price point and has more sensors and control. These new items will bookend the UP sleep and activity tracker which are priced at $130 and $80 respectively.

Jawbone specifically targets iOS devices and has stated in the past that their aim is to fill the niches below Apple’s plans with the Apple Watch, which sells for a healthy $349. A third Jawbone product has also been hinted at, likely a new headphone-based item whose functions beyond sound have not been detailed.

The UP3 will likely launch with some missing software, says The Information, to be supplied as an after-purchase download when it’s completed.

To date, Jawbone has raised around $600 million in financing via both equity and debt. The company faces challenges with strategy and leadership, however, after its president, Mindy Mount, left in February and who has yet to be replaced.

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