It’s the Modern Marvels for Collectors Lushpad


Lushpad was created just for modern furniture and fine art fanatics. The website allows users to have access to other users who have the same interests. The website itself is very clean-cut and easy to navigate through. Finally a website that isn’t eBay or Craigslist, but rather a genuine trading company that gets away from the madness of on the conglomerates and focuses on a specific set topics.

One of the cool features of the site itself is how they have set up the ability to browse using not only categories but designers, manufacturers, and artists as well. Also like any good marketplace it has a search bar to help users find the specific items they’re looking for. The products themselves range from unique looking tables to fine art for children. Also they have a nifty link for trends where Lushpad will put some unbeatable deals and their picks of the week.

Like any merchandising site they do have some fees to help them stay a float. However, the fees are quite reasonable. Since the best things in life are free they made the want ads and for sale ads (with a max of $250) no charge. Other than that it’s only $8 for ads ranging from $250 to $800 and $12 for anything over $800.

Overall Lushpad is a great site for anyone that’s looking for modern furniture and fine art at a fair price and without the hassle of worrying about the credibility.

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