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The PC dude from those fresh Mac TV spots now has another reason to sulk: He can’t use

Not only does the latest entrant into online photo sharing offer easy uploading, tagging and organization of your pics, but it also ups the fresh feature ante. For starters, facial recognition capability automatically hones in on the mugs of friends and family before you tag’em and bag’em. And second, ILP – that’s what the cool kids are calling it – boasts fancy algorithms to create classy and hassle-free slideshows of your favorite photos. When you’re done, transfer a slideshow to your iPhone and bring it out to share with friends. Now budget-minded brides and grooms no longer have an excuse for showing 90 minutes worth of lame vacation pictures set against Michael Bolton tunes.

Sharing pictures is also a breeze with desktop software. ILP will sync with your address book to import your email contacts, and once you add new contacts you’ve previously tagged in photos, it will automatically share these pics, at your discretion, of course.

And we almost forgot: is free. The site just launched at DEMOfall 08, so if you’re a Mac owner and an amateur shutterbug, get ready for ILP to fuel your photo infatuation.

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