iToody The Simplest To-Do List Ever

itoody-logoWhile the name is a little goofy, this site is probably the simplest To Do list manager ever created. I’ll be honest: we got a lot of to-do and task management alerts every week. If we reviewed all of the ones we received as new startups begging to be considered, we’d have to publish several reviews a day and you’d be inundated with new to-do and task management options.

The number of new to-do list managers is staggering, but once in a while one comes along that is unique enough to warrant being looked at. iToody is one of those. It’s unusual in that it’s so totally simple that it doesn’t even require a login.

Most of us have a Google account and are nearly always logged into it. Maybe you use Gmail or the Google Reader or something. In any case, if you’re logged into Google, you’re logged into iToody too.

Other than that feature, it’s a straight up, no frills (at all), to-do list manager. It’s literally a list. That’s it. You enter items into the empty text bar and they appear on the list. You can organize lists under tabs and set up notifications so you’ll receive an alert at a specified time and/or date. Of course, items can be dragged and dropped to different locations for easy organization too.

itoody2That’s about it. That’s the whole app. It’s about as simple as it gets without being useless.

Once a to-do is done, you just mark it off and it’s gone.

What could be simpler? That’s the whole idea behind iToody: “The simplest TODO list on the web.”

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