iThought HD for iPad – Mind Mapping Comes to the Pad

If you’re into mind mapping, you’ve probably thought that the iPad would be a near-perfect platform for doing it electronically.  Unlike other platforms, the iPad is unique enough in its interface that starting from scratch would be essential as any old re-make of another mind mapping app would probably seem clunky.

That’s what the makers of iThought HD did.  They started from scratch and made a great app that really takes advantage of the iPad’s interface.  Drawing circles or squares or any other shape to contain blobs in your map is done entirely by touch – pull, push, pinch or expand as you wish.  Since mind mapping requires only a few words or one keyword for each entry, the popup keyboard is perfect.  Lines, correlations, and so forth are done automatically and can be easily changed or manipulated just as you do with blobs.  Color-coding and other attributes are all done with selection and quick-buttons.  In fact, most everything is done with simple iconic buttons rather than menus, making this app very fast and easy to understand.

It’s priced at $7.99, which is higher than most apps, but well worth it.  Once your map is done, you can export it any number of ways.  Probably the most common is to convert to a graphic format (PNG) or to an Adobe PDF for emailing or sharing.

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