iTeleport Lets You Access Your Computer From Your iPhone

This is a great app with a lot of uses. It’s sort of like GoToMyPC for your iPhone or iPad.  You can use it to access your home computer, laptop, office system, etc. and control it to run applications, pull data files, etc.

It even lets you play Flash games since all of the applications you run on the computer you’re controlling are running there and transmitting to your phone, rather than running on your phone.

For business there are limitless possibilities here.  You can fill out expense reports, send an important email with attachments you don’t have on your phone, and more.  It basically allows your iPad or iPhone to be your office computer whenever you need.

Works with any operating system as well: Mac, Windows, or Linux. It connects via WiFi or 3G and sets up very quickly. It integrates with your Google account for fast, easy setup and permissions.  Very nicely done.

This will quickly become the most used app you have.

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