Is Klout Going to Change the Way We Interact on Social Media Sites?

There is a relatively new website doing the rounds that is starting to receive a lot of media coverage.  This website is called Klout.  It is still in beta at the moment but the idea is that it tells you how influential you are based on your social networking status.

This means that if you have just one account – let us say on Twitter – you are likely to be less influential online than if you had three social media accounts in total.  However, various methods are used to determine what your Klout score actually is.  This means that you could have a huge and very active audience on your Twitter account, and have more Klout as a result than you would have if you had three rather inactive accounts on three separate social networks.

According to their website, Klout score is based on three things. These are your reach, how influential you are to the people you reach, and the impact of your actual network, i.e. how influential your network is.  Your score is calculated from these three items to come up with your actual number.

There have been mixed views about how worthwhile Klout actually is at present.  For instance, some people think it is a good way to measure their success with social networks.  On the other hand, some are yet to be convinced of whether it is worthwhile or not.  The jury is still out on this one.

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