Is Facebook Rolling Out Too Many Changes?

If you are at all familiar with Facebook – and let us face it, 800 million people are – you will have heard about some of the proposed changes that will be taking place.  These are set to occur either now or in the very near future, as the social media site aims to enhance its offering.  This may be in the face of the recently launched challenger Google+, or it may have been in the offing anyway.  No one knows for sure.

Nevertheless, one thing is certain and that is the amount of news stories – detrimental ones at that – that have been appearing online recently in response to these changes.  It would seem that many users are disgruntled with how Facebook is changing.  However, the real question here is whether they are angry enough to leave the site.  At present, there is no sign of a real dip in traffic at Facebook, although we can certainly expect some people to have given up on it in the face of changes they do not like.  Change is never easy to cope with and when it comes to social media sites you do have the option to go elsewhere.  However, when you have 800 million users to begin with, even the odd few 100,000 voting with their feet are hardly going to make a dent in the numbers.

We shall be watching to see whether the anger settles down over time as users become more familiar with the new features.  We might see Facebook making alterations to appease their members – or perhaps we might not.

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  1. Facebook is loosing their complete social network market domination sooner than many think. They are pushing “regular” folks to learn too fast and too much..
    Cheers from Barcelona,


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