iPad Rivals That Never Were

Over on Technologizer, they have a great roundup of iPad tablet rivals that didn’t do much to the market – most of them literally got nowhere.  Here are a few of those from that list that could have gone somewhere and why they didn’t (in my opinion).

The Asus EeePad EP series. This line had a real chance, with one option using Android and another using Windows 7.  The Win7 machine may have actually been a real disruptor with its MSRP set at around $500.  However, the only ones I’ve seen available at closer to $1,000.  Hardly an iPad killer, but the tablet could have really competed on the notebook level.  It appears that Asus has all but given up on the tablet line.

The Cisco Cius is another tablet-cum-computer replacement that really could mean something on the market.  It’s focused on business, which makes sense since it’s a Cisco product.  It’s expensive, but has a lot of business-friendly built-ins that you may have a rough time with on the iPad.  VOIP is one of those.

Fusion Garage JooJoo (aka CunrchPad) was a fun one, but only because of the hype and controversy around the thing, not because it was anything special in its own right.  In fact, it turned out to be a $500 tablet that couldn’t even match the functionality of a $300 Netbook.  I like it because it’s an epic #FAIL for a tablet on every front: marketing, business model, and device.

How will the Fire play into this?  Good question.  I answered that over on Rev2.org today.

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