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Invoicing is one of those things that all freelancers and small businesses have to do to stay in business.  It’s how we get paid.  Clients demand more than just a statement saying “give me this much” and your business’ identity and how you’re perceived as a professional require that you do more than just send a simple list of items with a price tag.

There are a thousand ways to invoice your clients online and a hundred more offline that might be worth considering.  Prices for each vary and most are, frankly, not what the average freelancer really needs.

InvoicesOnTheRun is invoicing and payment tracking based on tow simple ideas: keep the invoice creation fast and simple and make the tracking and reminder system simple too.  Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) is at the heart of the way this Web-based app works.

Your basic invoice template to use with all clients is simple to build, based on one of several templates the site offers to make it easier.  InvoicesOnTheRun, from that point on, is very fast to use.  Once you’ve got a template, you can log in, set up billing on a new client, and send the invoice to them in just a few minutes.  Already-established clients are even faster.

When a client pays, the invoice can be updated as “paid” (usually automatically, through common gateways such as PayPal).  You can customize the invoices with your own logo, color schemes, and so forth or even build one from scratch if you want to take the time.

Prices for InvoicesOnTheRun start at free accounts, which will do most everything a freelancer needs or there’s a $5/month option which offers extras like bidding/estimates and other add-ons.

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  1. jamesthird

    Been using this product for a year or so now for two businesses that i've got – the best thing is i can send two different looking invoices from the one account because changing templates is a breeze. Great value and no need to think about where all my invoices are on my computers, cause i've got it available 24/7.

  2. used it once, real good.


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