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invoicedudeAre you looking for a way to invoice clients quickly and easily? For a lot of small and new startup businesses, the mundane things are what make them becoming drudgery quickly. When I ran a hosting business a few years ago, invoicing was the biggest nightmare of the whole setup.

Tools like didn’t really exist and the Web-based options were expensive and often a pain to set up. Now, of course, everyone from PayPal to your local bank has an online invoicing app.

InvoiceDude is basically a step up from pure PayPal invoicing. It allows you to more easily create and track basic, itemized invoices and collect through PayPal. If your business’ needs go beyond the standard PayPal invoice, then you might be interested in trying this free online app.

The app is easy to use and filling out invoices is straight-forward. Everything integrates into your PayPal email (it does not ask for access to your account) and you can fill out invoices as itemized and detailed or as simply as you want. You can also bill in multiple currencies.

Invoices are saved under client names and your clients can view them through their portal into InvoiceDude as well. When you fill out and send an invoice to your client, they’ll receive a unique URL to InvoiceDude that shows them the invoice as well as any outstanding invoices they also might have with you.

The setup is easy and useful for most smaller business needs.

InvoiceDude is in closed beta, but filling out a request will get you an invite code quickly. Mine came in only a few hours. The app is made by Giga Promoters, a development company that’s been in business since 2003. It appears that the startup will eventually be monetizing on a freemium model.

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  1. well they do have a very nice web site. 🙂

  2. well they do have a very nice web site. 🙂


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