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invitationland.pngInvitation Land isn’t a new idea, of course. You can find online invitation cards (usually meant to be sent via email) or birthday notes and so forth all over the Internet. What sets apart is the fact that you can print them (by default, they’re meant to be printed) and it’s free.

The site makes its money through a few paid invitation designs and from printing if you prefer them to print them professionally and send them to you. Otherwise, there are plenty of free designs to choose from to make invite cards, thank you notes, favor tags, and more.

The system is very easy to use. Once you log in, you’re presented with a list of thumbnails to choose from to get started. Each is a design that can be used to create any of the card types available.

When you first look at each of them, you’re presented with a larger version of the design so you can look it over as well as what printing and card options are available for it. Invitations, for instance, can be printed at two or four per page.

newsamples2Once you’ve made your choice for the design, you then fill in the information: introductory text for the event, the name of the event or honoree (or both), event details (time/date), location, etc. Filling it out is easy to understand as the design is shown in the background with the text you’re entering on top of it.

You can then choose the colors, fonts, and so forth and use the WYSIWYG to see what it looks like. You can then save it as a PDF file for download (or immediate viewing) and print or you can select to have InvitationLand print it for you, for a fee.

There are invitations for just about every category imaginable. Weddings, holidays, anniversaries, baby showers, and more.

This is a great site and for those occasions when seriously professional cards aren’t really warranted or when the event is small enough that you’re much better off doing it yourself (or have no notice to get a printer), this is perfect. Incidentally, it works really well for other types of labels too.

I created a group of favor tags to be used as labels for our kitchen herb garden. Just an empty line to fill in the plant type (sage, thyme, etc.) and tape it to the container.

There are lots of great uses for InvitationLand and only your imagination limits what you can do with the site. One of the more fun sites I’ve looked at recently, for sure.

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  1. great post, we're trying to find options for our wedding invites. thanks for the idea.

  2. great post, we're trying to find options for our wedding invites. thanks for the idea.

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