iNum – Get Your International Number Today

Phones and their networks are becoming increasingly more complicated.  If you move around the country or the world, you may have to change numbers, switch numbers, or even lose your phone number because you’ve switched.  These hassles, and others, are the reasons that some companies have been offering number-forwarding or voice over IP (VOIP) services and seeing a lot of interest.

Voxbone, which owns iNum (R), saw a 110% increase in its VOIP network use from 2008-2009, rising to 1.5 billion minutes served.  That number is expected to keep going up.

What iNum offers is an international phone number (i-number), registered to you, that you can carry with you anywhere and everywhere.  The number is in the newly-created +883 country code, authorized by the International Telecommunications Union.

The service is currently in beta and expanding quickly to include more and more networks.  It is a VOIP service, though the number can be forwarded to any other number (such as your cell or land line).  Current services routing calls to iNum include a long list, some of which are well-known wireless and Internet phone companies.  Providers include Callcentric, Mobivox, TrueVoIP, and many others.

Service providers using the iNum service can offer customers phones with direct iNum numbers included as well as receive blocks of allocated numbers ready to be distributed.  Developers on platforms involving VOIP and similar applications can also work with this as well as iNum’s API for connections in network calls.

Future additions to iNum, beyond broadening service, include other communications via VOIP such as video conferencing, virtual meetings, and more.  This is definitely a company to watch.

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