Intervals – Interval Timer for iPhone, iPod

If you work out, you likely do some type of interval training in which you switch from workout task to task in intervals.  Looking at a stop watch and remembering a sequence or count can be annoying.  Intervals, an iPhone and iPod Touch app, can change that.

The app allows you to customize your workout with your own set of intervals.  You can even have multiples so you can have a M-W-F workout and a T-Th-S workout.  Or any other combination.

The app takes you through showing you the intervals you’ve set in sequence, going from one to the next.  For example, if you do warmup stretches for 3 minutes, then do pushups, then a rest, then squats, then a rest, and then jog in place, then a cooldown, the app would do something like this:

  • Display 3 minute timer with “Warm Up Stretch” on the screen.  When the timer reaches 0, it changes to
  • Display 50 rep display for pushups, and once clicked to say you’re done,
  • Display a 15 second rest period timer, which when it reaches 0 becomes
  • Display 20 rep display for squats, and once clicked to say you’re done,
  • Display a 15 second rest timer, counting down to 0 to
  • Display a 5 minute run in place timer which counts down to zero and
  • Displays a 3 minute cooldown stretch and breathe timer.

This is a simple, straight forward workout app that is extremely useful.

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