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Collaboration is where it’s at now and no technology team can work without it.  A lot of apps aim to facilitate collaboration, but targets the social cloud as a collaboration tool specifically.  All of it is done in real or near-real time.

Most of the usual collaboration tools are included in injoos, of course: file sharing, message boards, events and schedules, etc.  Some project management tools are included as well.  The tool also includes Web conferencing tools, news feeds, and various alert types are also available.

The PM tools are what you’d expect from a robust app doing project and team management.  Because injoos is Software as a Service (SaaS) and Web-based, everything is handled online, giving the entire team–no matter their location–access to the tools and services.

The file management/sharing and other tools are also what you’d expect with facility for storing old versions, backups, and multiple revisions.  The Web conferencing tools work relatively well for the app, but if you use this kind of service frequently, another stand-alone service like Skype or GoToMeeting may be more useful and functional for you.

The news feeds are similar to having a Facebook or Twitter update feed wherein all of the team members can see each others’ status.  This makes it easy not only to keep up with the latest updates in file sharing or calendars, but also to know who might be out of the office or not online.  It’s, frankly, one of the more useful things on injoos, I think.

Injoos is free to sign up with and free accounts allow a group, 50mb of space, 2 sub groups, and five projects with unlimited users.  Fees go up to $30 and $70 monthly to increase those numbers and all paid versions have a free month’s trial.

Injoos was founded in 2007 and is based in Bangalore, India.

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  1. Craig,
    Thanks for your review on Injoos. It's very apt and what makes us all effective is the way we Injoos for our collaboration needs. We haven't lost any information, which generally happens if we use email due to the very nature of email as a tool of communication. Don't get me wrong. I use email in a lot of places, but not for collaboration and effectiveness. That's for Injoos.

    As your have rightly observed, one of the very good feature is the social feed for the teams. Every team member remains informed about what's happening in the team, and the interactivity within the team has gone up.

    There are a lot of other features, especially the news, event and resource library. But that's for you to try Injoos and be convinced about. Thanks again.


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