Indian IT Industry Worth Over 1 Billion

Establishing its global presence, Indian IT industry is expected to be worth USD 1.2 billion and making this nation as the most preferred choice for gaining best and cost-competitive web development activities. In past couple of years Indian IT firms have demonstrated their high ability by offering quality software and web development services on global arena. Apart from quality, many Indian software firms have proved their skills and modern methodologies to deliver ultimate solutions for various business requirements.

It is estimated, that with the pace of globalization the concept like outsource web and software development is going to rise in the next few years. Experts of the market research industry feel that the future and scope of outsourcing various software or web development services is bright and India is definitely one of the emerging names that rank high in IT and web service sector. Web and Software outsourcing India is now setting new milestones, and today many organizations from all across the globe are stepping towards India to get most consistent web solutions and software services.

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  2. offshoresoftwaredevelopment

    Thanks for sharing this info post.

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