Important social commerce 2017 trends

Important social commerce 2017 trends

With the average consumer spending a minimum of £1380 annually on the Internet, social commerce 2017 is looking at a bright future. Ecommerce will be backed by continuously evolving software solutions which will create more engaging experience for customers and robust backend for retailers. Some of the game changers for social commerce 2017 are:

Real-time, signal-driven analytics
One of the most visible social commerce 2017 trends is real-time, signal-driven analytics. These new analytics will provide a better look and scope into trends. One of the names is kissmetrics, which lets businesses assign tracking signals to each sales channel and possible conversion source in social commerce 2017. With signal-driven real-time analytics, retailers can now analyse every possible conversion point. By availing these software and other related solutions, e-retailers can stay updated on every interaction in social commerce 2017. These assist retailers understand customer behaviour better and implement changes for better interaction with customers.

Live-action customer engagement is the key for social commerce 2017

Live-action customer engagement is another trendsetter for social commerce 2017 which is of three types:

  1. Actively disengaged
  2. Indifferent
  3. Fully engaged

Polls and studies conducted recently show that fully engaged shoppers drive 44% more visits per year to online retailers who spend an average of £286 per shopping trip, whereas disengaged customers spend £221 per trip. The Small Business Trends report says that retailers can use a number of methods for social commerce 2017 to engage customers. Live customer service software like zendesk is proving to be very useful for social commerce 2017. Online chatting systems, social media and phones allow customers to put questions across to the customer helpline professionals. Another advantage for social commerce 2017 is that retailers can now offer live chat support to customers during the shopping process. A survey by Ecoconsultancy shows that 83% of customers want live support during the online shopping process. The figure increases to 90% in case of customers new to online shopping.

Mobile engagement for social commerce 2017
An increasing number of shoppers for social commerce 2017 are relying on their smartphones and tablets for online shopping. But engaging customers through mobile handsets has been low till now. According to the think tank, Gartner, mobile engagement of shoppers for social commerce 2017 will boost this year. It says that ecommerce-driven mobile revenue will rise by at least 50% in 2017. Forrester says that “Mobile will act as a catalyst to transform businesses in the Age of the Customer.” According to AppLift, mobile wallets will empower chain stores to improve payment and checkout options for their customers.

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