iHelp Plus – New Name, Same Great App

This is the new version of an app that has been around for a little while.  Now called iHelp+, this app is what I consider the premium in emergency contact and alerts applications for your mobile.

iHelp+ has several features.  It has alarms that can be programmed or just set off with a simple button push, a flashlight function (to turn your phone into a flashlight in the dark), and GPS location tracking to tell emergency responders where you’re located.  If you’ve seen commercials for General Motors’ OnStar or for those Emergency Alert bracelets and necklaces, this is sort of a more functional version of those using your iPhone instead.

The video below shows some for-instance examples of how iHelp+ can be used.  The stored emergency contacts and medical information (which you provide, so it’s safe) are awesome and give emergency responders a fast way to find out who you are and what might be wrong.  Most paramedics and cops, for instance, are trained to look at a person’s mobile phone to quickly find emergency contacts and with the obvious “emergency” button displayed on your phone with this app, they’ll know exactly where to click.

The best part of this one, though, is the peace of mind.  Think about how often you worry about your child, spouse, or other loved one while they’re away.  When they’re out after dark or late at night?  When they are traveling?  This app means they can quickly hit a “panic button” if anything is wrong and it does its thing alerting the authorities (and you if you wish) without criminals who may have grabbed the phone even knowing it’s happening.

Definitely check this app out sooner rather than later.  You’ll be glad you did.

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