iDrive Announces Unlimited Plan for Backup

One of the premier online backup companies to come into a large chunk of this sector’s market share is iDrive.  They’ve announced a new backup service called iDrive Unlimited.  This service is for those with a lot of data and who don’t need the features of iDrive Pro.

iDrive Pro has several benefits that are what put iDrive on the map in the first place.  Not only is it a secure online backup, it’s also redundant since the backup is stored in two separate locations.  That in itself is a pretty big deal in this market.

For some, though, that wasn’t good enough.  The limit on the amount of storage available was getting in their way.  For obvious logistical reasons, iDrive can’t make an affordable version of Pro with unlimited storage.  So they created a new type of backup option called Unlimited.

This allows for an unlimited amount of data to be stored, but does not have the redundancy of a Pro account.  It does include some other benefits like the option to have data shipped on a large portable hard drive for fast restorations of large amounts of data and backup data versioning to allow for multiple versions of the same file to be kept.  The automated backup is also included.

Many freelancers, small business owners, and the like are using online backup services as their primary way to safeguard data that is otherwise stored on personal SSD hard drives.  For this market, obviously, the more options the better.

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