Ibrii Creating Notes On the Fly From Page Content

ibrii-logoI hate writing stuff down. I learned to type precisely to avoid writing by hand. I can’t help it. My handwriting is ugly, messy, and not very organized. So I type. One thing really annoying about finding something online that you need is your choice of how to use it.

You can either print it out (along with the five pages of irrelevant stuff around it), cut and paste it into a text editor (assuming it’s text), leave the page open and hope something doesn’t crash or close down, or (ughh) write it out by hand.

Well, now there’s ibrii.com. It’s sort of a cut-and-paste tool for websites that cuts out the relevant bits (with graphics) and keeps them for you.

Unlike most other web-based note taking applications, to-do lists, and so forth, ibrii isn’t just a list maker. It’s a combination of Listhings and the many “blog this” cut-and-paste plugins for the various browsers out there.

Not only does ibrii cut and paste just about anything from a website, but it allows you to write notes on the fly about what you’ve cut or just notes by themselves so you’ll remember something. All of this is stored at ibrii.

ibrii-ssWhat could be more useful than that? How about the ability to share that stuff with your social contacts, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, or all of them? Even those without an ibrii account can look at what you’ve stored there if given a link to it.

This is a handy and useful tool, though kind of clunky in some respects. It doesn’t always keep the original layout of what you’re cutting apart, for instance, though this is just a minor nuisance most of the time. Links to the original content aren’t always automatically stored either. I think most of these problems are browser-specific. There were few problems when I used it in Chrome. The problems listed, however, happened in FireFox.

Overall, though, it’s still a handy and useful tool worth looking at. Signup is free and the site is still in beta, so it can’t be expected to be totally problem-free.

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