IBM Reveals Smarter Commerce Launch for E-Commerce Clients

IBMEveryone is familiar with the name IBM.  But now the company has hit the headlines in the realm of e-commerce as well, having launched a new service that focuses on social commerce methods for business.

The new service is called Smarter Commerce, and it has some distinct aims.  The idea focused on using Facebook and Twitter, arguably two of the most influential sites when it comes to promoting a service or product online.  Both sites have huge audiences and users, and these people fall into lots of different subject areas.  This means the new service from IBM should appeal to many different businesses.  Indeed, IBM believes the business could enjoy a $10 billion turnover in the next four years or so.

One of the major elements of the Smarter Commerce idea is analytics.  This enables the businesses using it to see in real time who is responding to their messages and how they are interacting with them.  As such the businesses that are using Smarter Commerce will be able to refine the work they are doing on Facebook and Twitter, so that they can get better results and make more e-commerce sales.

It is very early days for Smarter Commerce from IBM as yet.  But the initial signs are good.  Having a way to assess your brand as shown on Facebook and Twitter can only be a good thing, and it could change the way businesses operate on these sites.

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