iBlurb – Add Fun, Snarky Comments to iPhone Photos Easily

While comments can be added as captions underneath photos on Twitpic or Facebook, they aren’t easily done right on the photo itself when you’re sending them from your iPhone.  Until now, that is.

iBlurb is a fun little app now available in the iTunes App Store for your iPhone that allows you to ad fun, snarky, or suggestive comments right on photos as thought blurbs or captions.  It’s a great idea and a long time coming, for sure.  Amazingly, it was not developed by an iPhone App developer as you might expect, but was made by a doctor of cardiology (Dr. Paul Friedman) in his spare time.

Dr. Friedman got the idea one day not as the iBlurb app itself, but just as a plan to learn to program apps for the iPhone.  The idea for iBlurb came as he was learning to code, after talking with his family and brainstorming the app’s core idea.  The doctor took it from there and iBlurb was born.

It hit the app store in mid-January without much hoopla and then suddenly took off to 600 sales in one day in early February.

The app is used for a lot of things that Dr. Friedman didn’t expect.  A colleague took photos of a medical case and sent it to Friedman with notes written as arrows and blurbs to consult on the case.  Others have used it to critique art and photography.  The ways it can be used are limitless.

The app itself is easy to use and fairly self-explanatory.  You load it up, pick a photo from your phone, and pick blurb windows, sizing them to fit and then enter text to fill it in.  It’s easy and a lot of fun.

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