I Shred U Staples Hit Facebook With a Picture Shredder

ishredu-logobarRecently launched, I Shred U is a Facebook app from Staples that is meant as a way for you to get revenge on your friends who tag your less than photogenic profile pics.

So if you have a photo of yourself sitting in a chair wearing a Russian t-shirt with somewhat questionable Cyrillic on it, and someone calls you on that fact, you might consider shredding it to tell them what you think of your photo and their comment on it.

If, on the other hand, you want to dress up an under-prettied photo with some pizazz, I Shred U can help there too. With appropriate additions like oversized cartoon ears, beauty tiaras, and moles, that is.

I Shred U is a fun app that makes some of the interaction of Facebook a lot more fun. There are a few thing I would like to see added, of course, but it’s still pretty cool and good for a laugh.

To shred a photo, you just go to I Shred U through your Facebook profile, choose the album and photo you want to shred, then the type of shredder. There are four of them. I used the Mega Muncher, but you can use the Titanium Tough Guy or one of the other two if you’d prefer. The names tell you how much shredding they really do (or at least, how much noise they make doing it).

You can then choose who to send the shredded picture to, along with a personal note or one of their generics. Then…viola! Shredded photo it is! The results are sent to the recipient as a little animation of the note, which turns over to show the photo and then it’s dropped into the shredder. Complete with sound effects.

CraigDirtTricking out a photo is the same procedure, but a little more interactive. You choose an album and photo, then you’re presented with various add-ons and items to put onto the pic.

You’re presented with hair and facial additions. Some of these include a baby bottle, redneck teeth, an afro, a large mole with hair growing out of it, and more. I chose the Billy Ray mullet and the spiked collar. Once chosen and placed, these can be sized to fit.

As before, the final results are presented and can be sent to the receiver with a personal note or a generic note choice from I Shred U.

This is definitely a fun app and if you’re into Facebook and friends, it’s definitely worth a try. I’d like to see it upgraded to work directly from your own (or friend’s) photo albums for more interaction. Otherwise, it’s great.

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