Howl – Get Together All Your Favourite Links Online

Everyone knows about the power of blogging.  But if you want to do something a bit different to create a social place worth visiting, consider ‘howling’ instead.  Or rather, using a new idea called Howl to show people where your favourite links are.

This is a facility which allows you to create a blog made up of links.  The Howl home page is fairly basic and simple, but you can sign in quickly and easily with a new account, or use your Twitter or Facebook account instead if you wish.  If you already have an account with one of these it makes sense to make better use of it with Howl as well.

Registering with Howl takes just a few seconds, and once you have done so you can start adding whatever links you like.  Posting a link doesn’t take long at all, and since you can edit the links once they are published you do get a certain amount of control over your link blog as well.

The thing we liked the most about Howl was its simplicity.  Some may find it a little too simple, but it is quick to use and you can promote your own blog and websites as well as other links you like as well.  It is definitely early days for Howl but if enough people see the benefits it could well be a distinct success over time.  Start your own link blog today and see how it develops.

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