How to make your employees more productive

Every employer at every level benefits when employee productivity is at its height. Success for both start-ups and established businesses depends on people

Every employer at every level benefits when employee productivity is at its height. Success for both start-ups and established businesses depends on people, and people need to be motivated to accomplish the best they can. Good human resource management is about getting to know the values, interests and capabilities of members of staff, and of understanding their challenges and aspirations. It is also about ensuring employees are managed and developed to reach their full potential.

Staff development

Staff development mechanisms take many forms, such as skills workshops, coaching, shadowing, training courses and mentoring. Employers aiming to maximise productivity and adopt best practice analyse staff activities and performance, and design recruitment, performance management and training programmes to suit their particular way of doing business. Identifying HR solutions that work at organisational level as well as for individuals is key, as is integrating all aspects of people management.

Improving communication


Communicating is a two-way process and employees need to be encouraged to be honest and open about any concerns they may have, while employers need to listen, make their expectations clear and keep people informed about developments – in particular any changes that are likely to impact their jobs.



A manager manages, but a leader inspires and motivates and entrepreneurs have to do both of these things well. This requires a clear vision that can be shared with the workplace team, who should be encouraged to participate and collaborate in order to resolve issues and solve problems. When employees have the space and the time to reflect and the mechanism to contribute they are more likely to come up with innovative solutions and to implement these effectively.

Recognising performance


Rewarding employees is a vital ingredient when it comes to increasing productivity. An employee who feels valued will give of their best and regular feedback is essential for this. Undoubtedly, getting strategic HR management right can be time-consuming without expert help, which can be expensive. Luckily, the workplace today is more technologically advanced than ever before and HR software has not been left behind. One ideal solution is PayGlobal Exolvo, which features flexible modules, including HR, which adapt to individual business requirements.

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