How Technology Is Changing Holiday Planning


There was once a time when booking a holiday meant going to your high street holiday agent, seeing what trips they had on their books and choosing the one that best suited your needs. However, the rise of the digital age has turned this on its head, with you now able to use technology to find a holiday without compromise. You can find everything you want rather than being limited to a number of choices. Meanwhile, with the internet in particular, you can now easily compare products, search for inspiration, and travel in a way like never before.

There are a huge number of ways to plan your holiday, and the internet is a great place to find inspiration. You can look at holiday blogs to get personal insight into some of the best and most recently travelled to destinations. Alternatively, choose one of your hobbies that you want to indulge in, whether its sun bathing or mountaineering, and build your dream holiday around it. And with a range of holiday websites such as Opodo and Expedia, you can easily build up the holiday of a lifetime whether you just want flights, or the whole deal including accommodation and care hire.

As with many things, the internet has provided the chance to easily compare vehicle rental to get the best deal. One of the best ways to take out such an opportunity is to ensure that vehicles can be easily picked up. If for example you’re travelling to Portugal and looking for car hire, Faro airport has a great range of booths where you can get instant access to transport. Here too technology has made life a lot easier, with software on both your phone and computer allowing you to have easy access to paperwork such as licences and rental receipts. Evernote is one such piece of software, allowing you to clip webpages, snap photos, take screen grabs and much more. You can then save all the data on your computer or phone, allowing you to have digital copies of all necessary paperwork whilst you travel.

Smartphone GPS driven devices have also revolutionised the way in which you can search for attractions, whether it’s the local Mexican restaurant, or a museum that’s been recommended by a friend. AroundMe, for example, can show you where the nearest taxi terminal or cash point is, whilst leading holiday websites offer the ability to instantly look up reviews and recommendations of attractions and entertainment wherever you may be. Even city magazines such as TimeOut now have their own smartphone applications, enabling you to search for the latest must see event in town even if you’ve never been to a location before.

Holiday planning has changed dramatically with the rise of technology, allowing you to compare prices easily and save a fortune. Meanwhile, much more planning can be done on the move, with internet access as easy as a click on your phone. And whilst a certain amount of pre-planning should always be done to ensure you get the best experience, with travel apps and location devices, doing something spontaneous can be extremely rewarding too.

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