Hotel Dash Deluxe

In another for the series of Dash games available for iOS devices, Hotel Dash Deluxe is an entry starring, of course, Flo and it includes an extra level (the Tiki Palace hotel) as part of the purchase on iTunes.

Like the other Dash games, this one defines the time management genre by combining color matching to need/availability and series bonuses for accomplishing these multiple times.

In this game, you’re running a hotel and are looking for maximum profits to speed along your success in the business.  Customers appear in ever more needy situations and you must manage their needs, room availability, services, bell hops, and more as the concierge/manager of the place.

The game gets more and more complex as you progress and each hotel has multiple levels – both literally and figuratively.  The hotels themselves are themed and fun, including a spooky, haunted one towards the end of game play.

You can purchase extra levels in-game for an extra dollar, but the original three dollar download comes with a lot of levels on its own.

Of all the Dash games so far, this one might be the most fun and varied, with less monotony than some of the others often have.

Definitley a game worth trying, Hotel Dash Deluxe is available on iTunes for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

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