HoaxCall New Leaps In Juvenile Behavior

I’ll admit it. When I was ten, I liked making prank calls. I did the “Is Your Refrigerator Running?” joke hundreds of times. I actually feel sorry for kids nowadays because with caller ID and instant callback options, the days of prank calling are basically over. At least, from your own phone.

Enter the Age of the Internet and all of the wonders it brings. Including…you guessed it, prank calls from a website. Sound lame to you? That’s because it is. I guess if I was ten years old, this would still be hilarious. Although I kind of doubt it. Physically calling the number yourself and making up the scenario and then saying the lines yourself was half the fun, I think. Do you think the Jerky Boys would still be doing this if they could automate it? Me either.

The website is badly built with a Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbs) ripoff mascot and really 80s background music. There are only three scenarios to choose from and all three of them are lame, at best. The site claims to store the number you prank for 20 days so you can’t repeatedly call the same person. That makes me nervous.

What else do they do with those numbers? Given the hokeyness of the site, your guess is as good as mine.

I think the only people who’ll find to be interesting are those guys who, despite being forty, continue to wear their Letterman jackets and act like they’re still in their senior year. Maybe. They might even think it juvenile.

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