Hindenburg – Mobile Field Recording for Your Phone

If you run a podcast or are otherwise doing mobile interviews, you’ve probably consigned yourself to a digital recorder or lugging around your laptop with a microphone.  Now you don’t have to.  With Hindenburg, your smart phone can become a recording/interview device.  Complete with sound editing and broadcasting.

Hindenburg Mobile is made for both the iPhone and the iPod Palm OS .  There are two versions available: free and expanded. The Free version is Feature Complete – and ONLY restricted by recordings are restricted to 1 minute, while the paid version has more robust editing and rehearsing/marking features.

The app is fairly easy to use, working in much the same way as most audio editing software for your desktop.  Cropping, cutting, moving and pasting, or combining audio is all there and (thankfully) so is an undo/redo button for when you screw up.

Hindenburg is geared mainly towards audio broadcasters and interviewers, who’ll find little features like the spot markers extremely useful.  These let you mark key points in an interview for later use as audio sound bites, reference, or stop/start/question points.

Overall, the Hindenburg Mobile app is very useful for the podcaster, journalist, or mobile radio professional.  The more robust Hindenburg Journalist is even better.  What’s more, the sharing lets you publish right to your blog, podcast, or just upload to a server for safekeeping.

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