Harvest – Time Management, Tracking, and More for Far-Flung Offices

get-harves-logoGetHarvest.com, or Harvest, is basically a time tracking application. It does more than that, obviously, but when you boil it down that’s the core of it. The big advantage of Harvest, though, is that it’s not just a desktop app, but because it’s Web-based as well, it can integrate mobile devices, people on the go, and entirely Web-based systems or connections.

So a typical work group, for instance, could include two users in the office with their desktops, one working from home the next state over with a laptop, two sales people on the road connecting with their iPhones, and an overseas consultant logging in via the Web.

All of these disparate people can be tracked and have their time allocated to specific projects or billing cycles through this one app.

Most users will probably interact with Harvest through the browser widget, which makes it easy and doesn’t require more than one login or viewing the entire site. It’s easily clicked on and off, lets you switch projects, enter notes, and so forth without having to load up the entire Harvest site.

Of course, if you do log into the site itself, you’ll be greeted with something that is rare, even with today’s sophisticated Web app makers: an intuitive and extremely adaptable interface. Although the software itself is great, this interface is what really sold me on how potentially great this app really is.

Harvest is subscription-based, billed monthly, based on the number of users to be using and be tracked trough the service. Projects and so forth are unlimited during this time. Ten users is $90/month, to give you an idea of cost.

There are a lot of great tools on the app that are all based around time use, management, and assignment. You can estimate, quantify, bill, graph, report, and more. All based on time, of course.

Management will find this site very nice for producing time management analysis graphs and information. Most everything within Harvest can be downloaded for import into Excel and other popular spreadsheets, giving you the power to manipulate them for output in almost limitless forms.

For the individual team member, entering and tracking time is pretty easy with the widget. These time entering setups are configurable so that a team leader can hone them for the project group or the general group’s needs easily. The widget is fast and turning the clock on and off (the most common task) is one click and idle times and so forth can be set to trigger auto-offs as well.

Overall, Harvest is a great app with a lot to offer those who need some serious time tracking and reporting. Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something along those lines.

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  1. We're so thrilled to hear that you like Harvest, Craig, and we've worked hard to make it intuitive and adaptable. We also have features for invoicing, and estimates for clients, and we're always working at making Harvest better and better. Thanks for writing this article, we appreciate you giving us a look.

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    Is there a comparable free product? I've tried rescuetime, but I'm looking for some other options.



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