Hackers can record private moments of Netflix fans

Hackers can record private moments of Netflix fans

Hackers have unleashed a fake Netflix app that turns victims’ Android smartphones into pervert spy devices.

The Sun reports cybersecurity experts have issued a red alert after discovering knock-off Netflix software which contains a piece of malware called SpyNote.

This nasty piece of software is called a Trojan and is designed to sneak onto devices, take them over and then perform a variety of scary tasks. Once a person’s phone is infected, hackers can secretly take photos of their victim, perhaps snapping naked creep shots or capturing images of them in an intimate moment. The malware can also make calls, record audio from the microphone and trace the movements of the smartphone’s owner using the device’s GPS location technology.

Shivang Desai, a security researcher at ZScaler, wrote: “The iOS and Android apps for Netflix are enormously popular, effectively turning a mobile device into a television with which users can stream full movies and TV programs anytime, anywhere.

“But the apps, with their many millions of users, have captured the attention of the bad actors, too, who are exploiting the popularity of Netflix to spread malware.”

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