GroupShot – The Face-Swapping Photo App

If you’re a Windows user, you may be familiar with Photo Fuse, a feature in Windows Live Photos that lets you move and change heads and faces from group photos (or between photos) to make for a lot of fun possibilities.  The feature is now a mainstay, generating memes like the swapping of various movie character heads with Rowan Atkinson (aka “Mr. Bean”).

Well, for those of us who use Mac products, you’re in luck.  There’s now an iPhone App that is very similar to Photo Fuse called GroupShot.

Ostensibly, of course, GroupShot is meant to allow for cleaner photos so that you can get the perfect group photo every time.  Just take multiple shots and, instead of hoping one of them is good, mix-and-match to make the perfect one.

In reality, of course, the app will be used for everything but that.  Want to add Shrek to your family shot?  Bam!  Easy.  Tired of Uncle Bob the photobomber who always seems to be touching just the wrong spot or making horrid faces at the camera in family shots?  Replace him with David Hasselhoff (he’s big in Germany right now) and add instant celebrity to your photo.

Of course, the legitimate use of this app still makes for a thousand uses.  If you have kids, you know how impossible it can be to get them all on the same page in terms of smiling for the camera.  Even worse when parents have to get involved during the photo shoot to react to their kids’ actions.

Definitely a great app, GroupShot has a lot of uses and is intuitive and easy too.  Just use your finger to scrub out what you want to replace, the app intuitively finds the person’s face or outline, and you then choose the better option for replacement.  Easy.

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