Groupon Shoots for Humor, Controversy With Super Bowl Ads

Groupon ran three ads during the Super Bowl this year, starting with a Save the Money-Whales spot featuring Cuba Gooding, Jr.  The three ads the company ran are parodies of environmental and social “Save the..” themes from the past.

The ads are done in good spirits and backed up by great features on Groupon’s website.  The Save the Money-Whales ad, for instance, has a section on Groupon’s website that allows you to donate to Greenpeace and receive $15 Groupon Credit.

The ads are a fun ploy that are sure to rile up some of those who can’t, well, take a joke.  Groupon is likely counting on this as the misplaced outrage will stir more publicity.  It’s a smart ploy that could pay off big for the company.

Here are the ads Groupon made for the biggest commercial spots of the year:

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