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Chances are, if you went to College you have experienced some sort of financial strain.  Seems nowadays the trouble isn’t getting into post-secondary school, but once you are accepted, how do you actually pay the exorbitant costs.  GreenNote hopes to help alleviate the pressure of finding money to help you invest in your future.

When using GreenNote, students have access to lower-cost loans than other traditional methods.  Currently the interest rate at Greennote is 6.8%.  Comparing this to other private lending alternatives which charge anywhere from 8.5% – 20%, GreenNote seems like a logical alternative.  GreenNote encourages the students to make use of their Social connections throughout the Social Networks they frequent.

GreenNote also helps formalize everything to make the loans legally bindable, and handles every detail from loan documentation through repayment.  GreenNote is yet another great example of a way to make your time spent on Social Network sites more relevant.  Other sites such as Prosper, and Zopa provide ways for Mirco Lending. By focusing on a specific field like student loans in a social lending setting, GreenNote might have found a nice niche for them build a prosperous (no pun intended) site.  If you are wondering about the popularity of Micro Lending, all you need to do is look at the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner.  Muhammad Yunus, owner of the Grameen Bank won the price for his new category of banking known as micro-credit.

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  1. Love the website concept – site is too slow – also needs to get life insurance on the students as measure of protection would be cheap too

  2. Has any one used green note before and had a positive out come?

  3. The future of our nation is in the minds of our young students. Young people who want to study hard should be given the chance to get their education at the best University available regardless of the cost. If our nation decides that education is to expensive then wait till they see how much the lack of education costs. People reaching retirement don't want to spend their money on taxes that support schools because their children have already grown. What they need to see is that they need to educate the next generation so they can pay their Social Security to support their retirement.

  4. Could not say it better Dan, superb view.


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