Google Working on 3rd Party Comment Platform to Rival Facebook

Google will soon launch a commenting system that will tie into Google+, web services and search.  The new platform has not been officially mentioned by Google, but it was discussed openly at the G-Saudi Arabia event earlier this month.

The system will rival Facebook’s and have an edge since it will be part of Google’s overall network of services, including plug-ins for third party websites and blogs.

Google’s “Play” was just added last week, putting more services onto the Google plate for users.  Adding a new comment platform to rival Facebook, Disqus, and others, only boosts the mix.

The black navigation bar appearing on every Google user’s screen when logged into a Google product is growing steadily.  While Google+ had a lot of fire under it in the beginning, it’s lost momentum in the Buzz (pun intended), but as the company continues adding more services and connectivity, it will likely continue its strong growth.

What do you think?  Can Google gain dominance in the connected commenting platform arena?  Facebook already has a strong hold and has been gouging rivals like Disqus and Livefyre as it grows.  Perhaps Google can counter that.

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