Google Versus Facebook in Head to Head to Buy Groupon

FacebookGoogle may be the only one in the running to buy Groupon at the moment, but this bid is still part of a head-to-head battle that it is involved in with Facebook – and Facebook is beninning to pose something of a threat .

The targeting of adverts, which Facebook has done with much success, is seen as a threat to Google, and this is why its potential acquisition of Groupon could be rather interesting. Groupon has declined to make any comment over the potential bid, but coming just two years after it first burst onto the market, it has certainly garnered a lot of attention.

Everyone knows that Google is the big winner in the search engine category. But when it comes to local searches and targeted local searches, Facebook is thought to be out in front. In any event Google apparently sees the social media site as a major threat, and its interest in Groupon could lead to interesting developments in the future.

Of course it is not yet certain whether any purchase will actually take place. But the potential $6 billion offer for the company is far more than it was valued for earlier in the year. Back then it was valued at less than a quarter of that price.

Keep an eye on the headlines to see if any potential sale does actually take place.

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