Google search app for iPhone gets upgrade

Those who have come to use and love the Google search app for the iPhone will be delighted to hear that the app has undergone an upgrade to version 2.0.0, which has added a number of enhancements to make the app even better.

Google Search 2.0.0 now comes with an interface that has been completely redesigned allowing a full-screen image search as well as results that return much faster.  In fact, the speed of autocompletion is one of the first things users will notice about the revamped app.  Search predictions now appear with every letter as you type meaning less time waiting for results.

Also included is a slide-in panel that makes looking at multiple pages a lot easier and the page load time is faster now as well.  A swipeable menu allows swiping between open web pages and search results along with search modes, while there is also a magnifying glass to help find text on a page.

The app also features a voice search option that saves having to type, and Google Goggles that allows users to take a photograph of places nearby to find out more information about it.  Accessing Google services has also been made a lot easier as all of the apps are in one place and only need one sign in rather than multiples meaning you can access your apps a lot faster.

Google Search is available free for the iPhone.

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