Google Plus One Could Transform Search Results

Google has entered into the social media scene before with Buzz. But now there is going to be a new way to share content and recommend things online, provided you have a Google account to do it with.

Google Plus One is all set to launch and if you take part in the system you can recommend sites and web pages you like, as well as sharing those recommendations with other people. When you take part you will see a +1 button next to the main title of each search result. This will tell you how many other people have given it a +1 rating, meaning they like or recommend it. Obviously the higher the number is the more people think it is worth telling others about.

This system stands to benefit lots of businesses and website owners as it rolls out across the web and more people get involved with it. It may take time for people to get used to it though, and it is essential to remember that even if you have a Google account already, you need to sign into it in order to use the Google Plus One system.

The good thing is that your profile will contain a list of all the things you decide to give the +1 stamp of approval to. This means you can go back and find web pages, items and information later on if you want to revisit them. So it will help you as well as other people.

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