Google Panda Update Harms the Number of Freelancing Jobs on Offer

Online freelance writing jobs of all kinds have been on the up and up for some time now.  That is they were until the Google Panda update happened a short time ago.

Since then it would appear that the number of writing jobs available has dropped sharply.  Many of the outsourcing sites have seen a drop in the amount of jobs being posted in several different areas.  Several websites that used to take a lot of content from writers and did well in search results have since been struggling to get ranked as highly as they were before.

The internet is still adjusting to the fallout from the Google Panda update.  But it would appear that writers have been particularly hard hit in terms of finding new work.  With fewer jobs to go around it was always going to be more difficult to find work.  But the economy has also seen a number of people find their way onto the internet and into writing, in the hope that they can generate a part time income as a result.  The two situations have made the world of online writing jobs even more competitive.

It remains to be seen whether this is a temporary situation.  Many more experienced freelancers seem to still be doing well, finding their own better paying clients rather than relying on the freelancing sites.  In this case it may be that the better writers are not at all affected by Google Panda.

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