Google Makes Several Updates to Android Maps

For Android phone users, Google Maps for Android has been steadily getting better, averaging an update a month so far this year.  Each update includes new features and changes to the way Google Maps works on the second-most-popular smart phone OS in the U.S.  With the new Droid X coming out (and running on Android) soon, its popularity will only grow.

Last week, Google Maps for Mobile 4.4 released, and included a new Dedicated Places icon that lets users pick nearby places, based on a search, and return quick map directions from the user’s current location to the selected place.  This works in much the same way it does on Google Maps for the PC.

Places to go can be searched by type (restaurant, pub, museum, etc.) or through straight searches (including searches most frequently done).  Queries can be typed or spoken.  All Places that appear on the results can be viewed with name, address, basic information, and user-based reviews before being mapped.  Some have expanded information which gives things such as menus, instant contact information, and more.

All Android phones running OS 1.6 and above can use the new version of Google Maps for Android.

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