Google launches tool for games

Google launches tool for games

Google has announced the release of two new tools for game developers on its Android platform. The tools include new analytics to help developers better understand in-game player behaviour. In addition, the tools include a number of new monetization features, which are delivered through its AdMob platform. As part of its smart TV platform, Google also launched a new game-centric Nearby Connections API for Android TV.

Google’s new Player Analytics, rolling out in a few weeks, is designed to help developers gain a better understanding on what their players do inside a game. The new generated report also looks at how much players are spending and what their churn rate looks like. The tool should make it easier for developers to keep track of revenue and the number of sessions opened by each user. According to Google, BombSquad tested this feature and the data it gathered helped to more than double its revenue per user.

Google is launching New ads as a monetization tool. The development also includes house ads and a new “audience builder” tool. Native ads have slowly established themselves in the publishing world and Google hopes to bring a similar experience to games. The aim of New ads will be to “match the visual design of the game”, meaning users shouldn’t necessarily recognise they are looking at an ad. Although this feature is currently in a limited beta mode, it represents a desirable innovation for the industry.

Using “In-App Purchase House Ads,” the second new feature, AdMob can forecast which users are mostly likely to spend their cash on in-app purchases. This intelligence would allow for customised ads to be shown promoting in-app items. Like New ads this feature is at beta stage but will roll out in the next few weeks.

“Audience Builder”, is the other AdMob development. The name sounds like a tool for building audiences but it’s actually a “powerful tool that enables game developers to create lists of audiences based on how they use their game.” The key advantage for developers is being able to design games specifically for different audiences.

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