Google+ is Blocked in China

The search engine giant called Google has had a chequered history with China, and it looks to be continuing with the beta release of Google+.  This is Google’s own attempt at joining the social media fray, and while it is early days it is clear that China is already suspicious of it and blocking it as a result.

The news has managed to surprise even the most experienced social media commentators.  While the ban is not a surprise in itself, it would seem that the speed of the ban has caught some people off guard.  China is very suspicious of many social networking sites, and it has already banned the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.  It would seem that Google+ is the next casualty of the Chinese authorities, who are extremely mistrusting of any US social media networks.

China has also had issues with Google in the past.  The Chinese censors are extremely rigorous and problems with the Google search engine last year ended up with Google withdrawing from the country altogether.  Perhaps then it should not come as a surprise to learn that China has immediately taken action against the Google+ idea before it has even begun.

Although the new social networking idea from Google is still in its early stages it is extremely unlikely that China will allow the site to be used in the country any time in the near or distant future.  Once again the Chinese will miss out on another big step forward in the social media spotlight.

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