Google Image Labeler Is Online Meth For Web Rats

picture-15Leave it to Google to get us to do their job for free.

Not only do we do their job, but we do it compulsively when it comes to Google Image Labeler, which launched in 2006. It’s a hidden beta gem that will steal away your work day and fuel your inner dork.

It’s pretty easy, too. Just select Google Image search and click on “Try Google Image Labeler” toward the bottom of the screen. Read the instructions and assign a nickname if you’d like, then click “Start labeling.”

For the next two minutes, you’re paired up against a stranger somewhere on the other side of the world – or maybe even with some creepy guy playing from the public library around the corner. Images appear on your screen, to which you must assign a label. Your partner is doing the same thing. And the faster you match labels or the more specific you get in your labeling, the more points you score, which will win you absolutely nothing. There is an added wrinkle in that you can’t use any of the banned words beside the images; think “The Match Game” meets “$100,000 Pyramid” without the leisure suits.

Of course, all of this helps Google…as well as you and me. The more relevant keywords you can assign to an image, the more powerful its image search engine becomes. That’s right, everything you type in during these little games is captured by Google and used to improve their product. And if two dummies manage to team up, well, thanks for ruining it for the rest of us.

So what’s the takeaway? Heck, anytime you can get your users to willingly improve your site – and have fun doing it – it’s a no-brainer.

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