Google Chrome 21 Will Be Most Interactive Browser Yet

Imagine a Web browser that lets apps easily access your mic or camera without special plugins or that can access video game controllers plugged into your PC.  Directly, without a middle man – intuitively.  Imagine what that would do to browser interactivity for gaming, social interaction, and even video or photo editing online.

Well, Google has imagined that and it’s already in the beta version of Chrome 21, the next release of the search giant’s browser that will likely ship to the public as a stable release late this year.

The addition to the browser is the getUserMedia API, which Google says will help enable WebRTC, a real-time communications protocol using HTML5 and Javascript.

The new API also allows other affects to be applied to any app that wants to access it, including rotating the screen/object (think: video, photos) or applying masks and filters in real-time (again, think editing or even cool gaming apps).

Another API is called Gamepad Javascript and it allows game controllers, which are relatively universal in communication now, to synch with the browser natively.  This could fundamentally change Facebook or other social games and make them much more gamer-intuitive for first person shooters (FPS) and flight / fight simulations.

The implications here are huge.

Imagine the things you could do without extra equipment or plugins or other apps if you could, say, upload your photos to your favorite sharing site and do more than just crop and rotate in real-time.  Imaging chatting with your friend as you go over a video you’ve made and make changes both of you can see, again in real-time.

Now make some music.. in real time.  Without your audience needing any extras on their browser – it all streams as-is.

This could be huge!

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