Google Buys Two More Companies to Help Enhance Google Plus

If you know much at all about Google, you will know that it likes buying other promising companies.  Now it has bought two more, in the hope that their expertise will allow them to develop and enhance its newest offering, Google Plus.

The first acquisition is a company called Katango.  This company is in the business of creating algorithms to help social networks such as Google Plus to improve the way that its users interact with each other.  The second company is called Apture, which creates in-page search facilities for social networks, and analytics for the same type of sites.

According to various online reports, the teams from both Katango and Apture are thought to be joining the Google Plus team to share their expertise.  Those in charge of Google Plus are clearly hoping to further enhance the service offered by this new social network.  It still has a long way to go to catch up with the popularity of Twitter and Facebook.  Despite the launch of proper business pages in recent days, this has failed to become popular in quite the way that Google had hoped.

Perhaps these new acquisitions will help Google Plus users get to grips with the new service in a more interactive and exciting way.  No one knows what the sale price of the two companies was to Google, but needless to say, they will be hoping it was money well spent on their social networking goals.

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  1. This sound is really good, that step will gonna help them to increase their production!! Interesting reading i had here! thanks 🙂

  2. Thanks for this awareness, Google plus has become now so popular h having billions of user now! this is really a great achievement, Google ever had! so in this they obviously need more place n efforts, in this way this step is really important for them!


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