Google+ App for the iPhone Now Available to Download

The launch was not without its fair share of bugs, but the Google+ iPhone app can now be downloaded from the App Store.

This is a free social networking tool that will help you manage your Google+ account while you are on the move.  The launch version of the app didn’t meet with particularly good reviews, as it seemed to have a lot of bugs in it.  However some of these were swiftly solved and an updated version of the Google+ app is now available on iTunes.

The Google+ app enables you to use all the different aspects of the Google+ service.  These include Circles, which is a way of grouping certain people together according to likes and relevance.  You can also Huddle with people by choosing to send messages to a particular group of people in one of your Circles.  Stream is the messaging service that updates you whenever anyone you know sends a message.

It is early days yet for Google+, and many people have wondered why the iPhone app was released with so many bugs in the first place.  Were they a little too fast out of the blocks perhaps?  The newer updated version has better support in a couple of key areas, and the app itself has been improved in various different ways.

It has been downloaded thousands of times already, and the reviews have been reasonable.  Perhaps once everyone gets hold of the new version the reviews will be better still.

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