GoClio – Online SaaS for Law Firms and Practices

“Leave no stone unturned,” was the advice given to developers and software engineers graduating in 2002 from the University of Utah.  The advice was given to tell those new faces in the software development industry in order to motivate them to seek new markets and new ideas for their wares.  The applications world is wide open if you look for the right niche.

GoClio.com seems to have found their niche and they are doing well exploiting it.  Law firms and practices that are not huge, multi-partner affairs probably cannot afford full-time IT departments and expensive servers and software suites.  Yet the lone desktop system passing information to the secretary out front and the partner in the next office via email is probably not tenable either.

Clio offers web-based management software made specifically for law firms and practices.  Built as software as a service (SaaS), Clio includes all of the suite needed for most practices to stay on top: management, billing and invoices, and more.

The core management page, your “desktop” in Clio, is simple and uncluttered.  Navigating to various parts of the app are easy and everything is integrated well.  Quickly finding clients, contracts, or other information is easy as each entry field also acts as a sort of search box, coming up with matches that may fit what you’re looking for as you type.  For instance, if you’re in the invoice section for billing and are looking for a client’s billing information, you can begin typing their name in the new invoice or search field and Clio begins filling in the blanks when possible matches as you type.

The whole app works this way, making it easy to do most things that a small firm would require.  The invoicing, billing, tracking, and other apps built into Clio are powerful and easy to use.

Definitely a boon to any law office or small practice.

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  1. jacknewton

    Thanks for the post on Clio, Craig. We appreciate the kind comments on the UI – definitely the kind of experience we've been aiming to deliver.

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