Goalkeeper Project Management With a Usability Emphasis

goalkeeperlogoThe world seems to have three types of project management apps: those that are useful, those that are useless, and those that are usable.

Sometimes, a killer PM app comes along that is both useful and usable. Goalkeeper is one of those. It’s a hosted app that offers project management, collaboration, and issue tracking. It’s strength is in its extremely simple-to-use interface combined with all of the most useful features a PM should have.

Goalkeeper’s other innovation is scalability. Depending on your subscription plan (plans range from free to professional subscriptions at $69/month), the features available to you will be different. So if you’re a single-person or small shop, the free plan is probably all that you’ll need. If you need much more collaboration and multi-tiered user access, then a subscription is for you.

Another great innovation from Goalkeeper: no hidden fees and no contracts. Your subscription is month-to-month, so there’s no contract to be locked into here.

When you log into Goalkeeper, you’ll see the bulk of your important project information in a right-hand column. The calendar is most prominent, showing today as well as what goals are coming up in the imminent future for your project.


Everything on the right hand column is a hot link, so you can use it to jump to goals set for specific days, new updates other collaborators have added, follow-up requests or responses, a check list specific to your team or portion of the project, and so forth.

Most everything in Goalkeeper is calendar-based, since the focus of this PM app is timline goals. A lot of other features, though, round out the app. This includes a Gantt chart, budget tracking on complex projects, web chat, etc.

The app is going through some major upgrades right now, mostly for the user help and FAQ information. Goalkeeper is based in Serbia and some of the English in the site’s explanatory documents are a little rocky.

Goalkeeper is definitely worth checking out and the free accounts and free first month (with any subscription) make it a can’t-lose deal.

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