Gmail (not Cher) Can Turn Back Time

picture-73We’ve all done it. We think we’re sending an email to our old frat buddy Nick, reminiscing about the time we made the baked potato bomb in the mess hall and got away with it. But we’re actually about to send that email to Rick, our father-in-law / boss / former Army Ranger.


Rick probably doesn’t want to hear about your baked potato bomb. Your wife probably doesn’t want to hear a dozen apologies from you. And now Gmail has a quick and easy tool to remedy misfired messages and put a safety on your electronic mail before you pull the trigger.

A Google engineer has created the cool new (and helpful) solution, which allows you to mull over messages after you’ve pushed “send.” Basically, you get five seconds to catch or recall any errors in your email, and if you think you’ve made a faux pas, you can simply hit “undo.” Then fix it and resend.

To set it up in your Gmail account, simply visit the Google Labs section under Settings, then hunt down and enable the option. And whammy – you’re good to go.

Many of us have already found Gmail to be the best free email platform out there, from the intuitive tagging feature to lightning fast search tool. It’s amazing more corporate environments and even small businesses don’t dump Outlook and proprietary services for the extra savvy, always-evolving Gmail platform. Heck, I might email my boss from my Gmail right now and give her a piece of my mind. At least I get five seconds to think it over…

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